Mr. Sherril Tanner

 Mr. Robert (Sherril) Tanner

  Migrant Coordinator

133 N State St, Sebree, KY  42455



 Tanner KY Migrant Adv. of Year     Mr. Tanner Migrant Natl Adm of Year 2019

                                    Ky Migrant Advocate of the Year    2019 National Migrant Administrator of the Year


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            Webster County Students Participate in the 2018 Migrant Education Academy

                                                                        Fall Migrant Academy 2018

The Kentucky Migrant Fall Academy was held in Louisville, KY November 13-15.  Webster County students attended along with the district's Migrant Coordinator, Robert "Sherrill" Tanner. 

The students had the privilege of interviewing Sylvia Mendez, the keynote speaker for the conference.  Sylvia Mendez is an American civil rights activist of Mexican-Puerto Rican heritage. At age eight, he was denied entry to an all-white school in Westminster, California. She and her family played an instrumental role in the Mendez v. Westminster case, the landmark desegregation case of 1946. Her family’s case paved the way in 1947 for the famous Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education which led to the desegregation of schools across the country eight years later. Sylvia Méndez received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011.