Employee Recognition

                          2019 1WC Employees of the Year

            Abby Ranes                                         Carol Hill

Emp of Yr--Abby Ranes  Emp of Yr--Carol Hill             

         2019 National Board Certified Teachers

National Bd Cert Teachers 2019   

L to R:  Amy Hill, Laurie Babbs, Renee Pratt, Lori Corbin, Vicky Jones

(not pictured Denae McNeily)

2019 National Migrant Administrator of the Year

        Tanner Natl Migrant Adm of Year

           2018 1WC Employees of the Year

             Nita Johnson and Mike Stone

 1WC Employees of the Year 2018

L to R:  Nita Johnson, WCMS Assistant Principal; Dr. Yarbrough, Superintendent; Mike Stone, Chief Information Officer

                     2017 1WC Employees of the Year

                  Jill Simpson and Kathi Pride

2018 1WC Employees of the Year

L to R: Marti Chandler, 2016 Employee of Year; Jill Simpson, Transportation Director; Kathi Pride, WCMS Teacher; Jarrod Hankins, 2016 Employee of the Year


1WC Employee Recognition

All WC employees select one certified and one support staff 1WC Employee of the Month. The winners are recognized at the regular monthly board meeting. From the monthly employees of the month, all staff vote at the end of the year for one certified and one support staff employee of the year.  The 1WC Employee of the Year winners are recognized at the annual end of year "1WC Closing Day Red Carpet Event."

1WC Employees of the month and year should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude in daily job responsibilities; 
  • Goes above and beyond to make a difference; 
  • Models “team player” behaviors of cooperation, collaboration, and work ethic; 
  • Promotes Webster County Trojan Pride