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Experience Surveys



June 13, 2023

Webster County Schools has released results of the parent/caregiver, employee, and student satisfaction/experience surveys for the review of the Board of Education and the general public. Studer Education, the agency that is guiding the district on the development of its strategic plan, facilitated the anonymous surveys and is assisting the district in meeting school, department, and district goals. The district first conducted surveys in the spring of 2022 and then again, in the spring of 2023.

Parent/caregiver feedback included that families feel that their school is cleaned and maintained (4.05/5), families are treated with respect (3.96/5), and their child has the necessary classroom supplies & equipment (3.92/5). 

Students also completed the survey. Students feel that their principal is a good leader (4.24/5), their learning is important (4.12/5), and they enjoy the arts, music, and P.E. (4.11/5). 

Employee feedback is also a priority for the school district. Employees feel that their work positively impacts those served (4.47/5), they have a sense of pride about where they work (4.24/5), and they have a clear understanding of their expectations as an employee (4.24/5). 

The need for stronger communication was a consistent thread throughout the surveys. “Whether it is parents/caregivers receiving feedback on how well their child is learning, the students receiving regular feedback about their academic progress, or promoting effective communication throughout the district, we must improve our lines of communication,” said Superintendent Aaron Harrell. 

“Webster County Schools is adhering to a continuous improvement model, which includes the process of setting goals, identifying ways to improve, and evaluating change with continuous feedback for continued growth. We appreciate the survey feedback from parents/caregivers, students, and employees as it provides a solid direction for areas of improvement. Because of your direction and feedback, we will develop scorecards to monitor and evaluate progress toward areas identified as the most important. We will release scorecard results at certain checkpoints throughout the new school year,” said Harrell. 


Click on 2023 Experience Survey Results to read the district survey results.