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Covid Guidance

Symptom Comparison 

Exposed to Covid Guidelines

Flu – When to Return 

Have you been exposed?

22-23 WCSD Covid Guidance

All guidance decisions are based upon the recommendation of the KY Department of Public Health (KDPH).

Student Guidance  

Staff Guidance

2020-21 Reopening Plan

We have chosen to spend the majority of our ARP ESSER funds on direct services & student support. Our primary focus will be to identify learning loss through the collection of quality formative achievement data & address the social & emotional needs through additional counseling services. Additionally, we will provide significant instructional resources for all schools that include print & digital tools to help assess learning loss & provide remediation & support to students in academic need. Each school will be responsible for analyzing student data & determining the ongoing needs of students in their buildings. Building leaders will then work with district administrators to find & employ any additional resources.  Supplemental payments will be allocated to all full-time & part-time permanent employees to compensate them for the additional workload these plans will impose. We also intend to address air quality, transportation issues, & some technology.  In an effort to ensure students are in working the safest environments, we are addressing several air quality needs at Webster County High School. There are also plans to purchase an additional bus that will allow us to provide more equitable access to transportation for our students.