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Mission Statement

Dixon School functions as an effective learning community that supports an atmosphere for high expectations and excellence for all students and staff.  Teachers and staff plan educational experiences to foster the belief that all children can achieve at high levels and use all resources to meet the unique learners needs. 

Solid relationships can develop between the staff, students and their families at Dixon School.  The Parent Teacher Organization boasts a high family involvement and benefits students through fund raising and class programs.  Dixon's Site Based Decision Making Council, made up of the Principal, Teachers, and elected Parent Representatives are also key to Dixon Dragon student successes!

Mr. Wheatley

Mr. Eric Wheatley, Principal

Latest News

District Magazine Vol. 3
Congratulations Dixon Elementary!

Congratulations to Dixon Elementary for being our November 1WC Attendance Winner of the Month with 95.50%! 

Attendance Matters

Congratulations Elizabeth Warren!

Congratulations Elizabeth Warren, Dixon Elementary teacher, for being selected the November 2018 1WC Employee of the Month!  We appreciate you!!

Elizabeth Warren

L to R:  Elizabeth Warren and Mickey Dunbar, BOE Vice-Chair

Dixon Elementary Celebrates Veterans' Day 2018

Veterans Day 2018 Veterans Day 2018 Veterans Day 2018 

Veterans Day 2018 Veterans Day 2018 Veterans Day 2018

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