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Congratulations WCMS and Sebree Elementary!

Congratulations to WCMS and Sebree Elementary for being recognized as schools which implemented their PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) programs with fidelity last year.  Cristi Tomes, PBIS Coordinator, presented the schools' principals with Kentucky PBIS Network banners. PBIS is a multi-tiered, systems framework for establishing a positive learning environment in which all students can be successful. All school staff implement a continuum of social and behavioral supports which increases the likelihood of behavioral and academic competence for each and every student.


L to R: Michael Gooch, WCMS; Dawn Forker, Sebree; and Cristi Tomes

Sebree Elementary Celebrates Veterans Day 2018

Sebree Veterans Day 2018  Sebree Veterans Day 2018 Sebree Veterans Day 2018

For the twelfth year, students from Sebree Elementary held their annual Veterans Day Parade to show their appreciation for those who have served and continue to serve.

“It feels an honor because I get to thank what they did for our country,” says Suleyca Portilla, student.

From the Pledge of Allegiance to banners of gratitude, the day was not only a thank you, but a way to bring two very different generations together.

“This is just as important for our students as it is for the veterans,” says Dawn Forker, Sebree Elementary principle. “The students get a chance to meet real-life soldiers and heroes and the veterans get to see the joy and excitement that the kids have to show their appreciation for them.”

“It’s cool to see all the veterans smile sometimes and we can go up and shake their hands,” says Rhett Hearrin, student.

“People really appreciate what service people have done in the past and I would do it over again in a minute,” says Kolodey. (taken from 44 News article by Megan DiVenti)

Character Counts in WC!

All Webster County teachers participated in Character Counts training on November 6th, 2018. The training was conducted by Jenny Winstead, Sebree Counselor, and Tammy White, Providence Counselor, who are the district's Character Counts trainers.
Character Counts is a mainstay of the district's True Blue Drug Free Community which has provided training and resources for the district and community. 
Character Counts is a nationally recognized initiative that focuses on the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
The goal of Character Counts is to ensure WC students receive character education which will hopefully improve the ethical quality of their decisions, and thus their character and lives.

Character Counts Character Count

Character Count Character Count

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