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Dawn Forker

Dawn Forker, Principal

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Congratulations Sebree and Dixon Elementary Schools!

Sebree Elementary was recognized at the Webster County Closing Day Red Carpet event for being the 2019 1WC District Attendance winner of the year with 95.22% average attendance.
Dixon Elementary was recognized for receiving a High Attendance Award with 95.10% average attendance for the year. 
We are proud of you!

Sebree Attendance Winner  Dixon Att Winner

Congratulations 1WC 2019 Employees of the Year

Abby Ranes, WCHS teacher, and Carol Hill, Providence Elementary Secretary, were honored today at the Webster County annual Closing Day Red Carpet Event for being selected the 2019 1WC Employees of the Year. The employees of the year were chosen by their peers. We appreciate you!!

abby Ranes Emp of Year  Carol Hill Emp of Year

            L to R: Abby Ranes, 2019 Certified Employee of the Year     L to R:  Mike Stone, 2018 Support Staff Employee of the Year

and Nita Johnson, 2018 Certified Employee of the Year   Carol Hill, 2019 Support Staff Employee of the Year



Congratulations Mrs. Forker!

Congratulations to Dawn Forker, Sebree Elementary Principal, who was selected our April 2019 1WC Employee of the Month! We appreciate you!

Dawn Forker 1WC Emp

Dawn Forker and Venita Murphy, BOE Member

School Leadership Award

Breakfast Champion

School Leadership Award

Forker Breakfast Champion

Dawn Forker is the principal at Sebree Elementary and was nominated by multiple individuals from her county. Every year, she completes the 6-hour training that every school nutrition staff member must take in order to serve meals in the Kentucky School System so that she may also help her nutrition staff serve meals. This is in addition to the regular demanding duties of a school principal.

Every morning, Dawn runs the breakfast cart near the gym where she learns each child's name and greets them as they come in the door.

Dawn won a $2,000 equipment prize pack from The Dairy Alliance for her school and a personal prize pack from No Kid Hungry Kentucky.

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